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  • Better Choices
    Our story, Maryland's story, is the story of better choices and better results →
  • Better Results
    Better choice. Better results. The proof is in our progress. →
  • Strong Leadership
    A record of achievement to build America’s #1 state for entrepreneurship and innovation →
  • Creating Jobs
    To create jobs a modern economy requires modern investments. →
  • Public Safety
    The most fundamental responsibility of any government is public safety →
  • Education
    Under Governor O'Malley's leadership, Maryland's schools rank #1 in the country →

In 1814, with Washington ablaze and America’s future hanging in the balance, Francis Scott Key penned our national anthem in Baltimore, “O’ Say Can You See.”

Maryland is the original land of the free and home of the brave. It is the birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner -- the place where, 200 years ago, the people of Baltimore faced down the shock and awe force of the British Army and Navy to save our country. The hands that stitched together our flag which inspired the Star Spangled Banner – in anticipation of that awesome bombardment – were black and white hands, hands of freedom, hands of bondage, of a still very imperfect country that was still evolving and growing. The common thread that held our Stars and Stripes together then, as now, was the thread of human dignity – the dignity of home, the dignity of work, the dignity of neighbors helping and protecting neighbors, the dignity of every individual.

Martin O’Malley is Governor of the State of Maryland. First elected in 2006, Governor O’Malley was re- elected in 2010 with 56 percent of the vote.

As he begins his second term, Maryland businesses are creating jobs again, Maryland students are achieving record success in the classroom, and the men and women of Maryland law enforcement are making Maryland’s streets and neighborhoods safer for our families.